Limited Replacement Policy

Autumn on Big Horse Creek

Autumn on Big Horse Creek

Our trees, when shipped, are guaranteed to be disease and insect-free. If you carefully follow the enclosed Planting Guide you will be rewarded with strong, healthy growth the following spring. However, trees are living entities and despite your best efforts, problems may occasionally arise. To assure customer satisfaction, we offer the following limited replacement guarantee.

If your fruit tree does not leaf-out in the first growing season after transplanting, Contact Us to notify us of the problem. At the same time, bring us or mail us the rootstock from the dead tree (everything below the graft) or the damaged and/or diseased portion above the graft. We will either refund your cost (excluding shipping) or replace your trees with the same or similar varieties, provided the rootstock or tree does not show evidence of damage from deer, voles, moles, gophers, freezing, fire blight, root rot or other diseases. These are circumstances over which we have no control.

Thank you very much for your business.

Ron and Suzanne Joyner


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