Rootstock Information

We have made some changes in the rootstock selections we use in our grafting work. After suffering significant losses with EMLA.111 for two consecutive years, we no longer offer this rootstock. In response to growing customer requests, we have added Antonovka seedling rootstock for those desiring larger trees. We now offer three different rootstocks for custom-grafted orders: EMLA.7, EMLA.106 and Antonovka seedling rootstocks. EMLA.7 and EMLA.106 are semi-dwarf rootstocks while Antonovka is a standard, full-size rootstock. The semi-dwarf rootstock will produce mature trees ranging in height from 12 to 20 feet, while trees on Antonovka rootstock will be 25 to 35 feet, depending on the amount of pruning employed by the grower. Unless a specific rootstock is requested, the majority of our trees are grafted onto MM.7 and MM.106 as these rootstocks are very adaptable to different soil and climatic conditions.


Apple Rootstock
(Photo courtesy of Kuffel Creek)

Semi-dwarf Rootstocks

EMLA. 7 (Malling-Merton 7): The most widely planted rootstock. Grows poorly on light or sandy soils but performs well on deep fertile loam soils. Anchors well and produces a strong, sturdy tree. Moderately resistant to collar rot. Tree will be 15-16 feet tall at maturity. Plant trees 12-15 feet apart in rows spaced 16 – 20 feet apart. The virus-indexed EMLA clone was introduced in 1974-75.

EMLA.106 (Malling-Merton 106): Excellent anchoring qualities with well-developed root system. Produces an early fruiting tree with heavy cropping potential, moderate vigor and with resistance to woolly apple aphids. Susceptible to collar rot, so cannot tolerate wet or poorly drained soils. Best rootstock for harsher mountain growing conditions and recommended for use over a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. Plant trees 12-15 feet apart in rows spaced 16 – 20 feet apart. The virus-indexed EMLA clone was introduced in 1969-70.

Seedling Rootstock

Antonovka: This tried-and-true Russian rootstock will produce a large tree which will grow to be 25 to 35 feet tall at maturity. A strong, vigorous rootstock with great adaptability to a wide range of soil types. Very cold-hardy stock, surviving temperatures down to -50 degrees F. Excellent disease resistance. Smaller tree heights can be maintained with proper annual pruning.

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