Pricing Information

All one-year-old apple trees are priced at $20 each plus additional shipping and handling charges. (See below) Purchases of ten trees or more will receive a 10% discount on the total purchase price.

When your trees are ready to be shipped, we will contact you by email or letter requesting payment in full. When full payment has been received, your order will be shipped when the trees are fully dormant, anytime from late October through the end of November. We do not ship trees in the spring.

We accept payment in cash, checks, money orders or by credit card. Payment information will be included in your order confirmation. Orders are accepted within the continental United States and Alaska only.

If you wish to send check or money order payments via US Postal Service, mail your request to the following postal address.

Big Horse Creek Farm
P.O. Box 70
Lansing, NC 28643


Shipping and Handling Costs

Number of Trees Purchased Shipping Charges East
of Mississippi River
Shipping Charges West
of Mississippi River
1 $10.00 per tree $11.00 per tree
2 – 4 $6 per tree $7 per tree
5 – 9 $5.50 per tree $6.50 per tree
10 – 14 $5 per tree $6 per tree
15 – 19 $4.50 per tree $5.50 per tree
20 – 25 $4 per tree $5 per tree