Master Variety List

Apple orchards are very dynamic entities; change is constant. Trees die and are replaced. Fruit production is up one year and nonexistent the next. It’s a continual flow of life and death, celebration and disappointment.

Every variety in the Master Variety List below are selections that have been raised on Big Horse Creek Farm at one time or another over the last 25 years. Many are still surviving to this day while others lived for one or two years only. When we lose a specific variety we try hard to replace it with the same variety but sometimes, despite our best efforts, we are unable to do this. In this case, we simply replace the lost tree with another heritage variety.

This means that not every apple in this list will be available in any given year. We ask your patience and forbearance should you request a particular variety that we are unable to provide. We have access to other growers and collectors and can often obtain grafting material for those selections no longer in our collection. We will be happy to work with you to suggest alternative varieties should your preferred tree be unavailable for any reason.

Thank you for supporting our work.