A colossal apple from Logan County, West Virginia. As described by James R. “Sammy” Hall of Logan, Ooten has been raised in the Trace Creek and Mingo Creek areas of Mingo County since prior to 1895 when Mingo was part of Logan County. The name comes from the family who first discovered and maintained this enormous apple. Larger than Wolf River and considered by some to be a better cooking apple. Makes wonderful applesauce. Fruit is huge with smooth, greenish-yellow skin. Ripens in August and does not keep well.

  1. Rick Eversole
    Rick Eversole12-21-2016

    I’m interested in several antique apples that have origeis in my childhood home of West Virginia. I’d prefer to graft them myself but it may not be feasible for a small quantity. My greatest interest is in the apple called Ooten, plus others that you might suggest. I’m interested in dwarfing rootstock. I’m getting up in years and don’t want to wait forever to taste the fruit of my labors! For that reason I would even be interested in that tree if it is available on a dwarfing rootstock like b9, m9, p2, or facsimile

  2. john ives
    john ives12-28-2017

    We live outside Thornton WV and are trying to find a July Sweet apple tree for a friend .He remembers eating them as a young man and has always wanted one!

  3. Robin Spencer
    Robin Spencer12-26-2018

    Need 2 Ooten apple grafts on semi dwarf root stock , this is Robin Spencer

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