Fall Trees

There’s an old saying: “If you like to gamble, try farming!” Truer words are seldom uttered. Every spring farmers “roll the dice”, hoping for a lucky number that will offer a promise of a successful season where sunshine is abundant and life-giving rain showers the land when needed most. However, all too often, the dice are unlucky and the farmer suffers the ravages of Nature. Such was the case at Big Horse Creek Farm this year.

Agriculturally, this has been one of the worst seasons for us in recent memory. The winter of 2013-2014 was one of the coldest, most bitter in many years and exacted a devastating toll on our overwintering nursery stock, destroying over 1000 young apple trees. The cold continued into the spring when a late freeze in mid-April took out over 50% of our apple crop. The long summer season was no better with many long, dreary weeks of heavy cloud cover, extraordinarily cool temperatures and excessive fog and rain which stunted the growth of many of our grafted trees.  Crops planted in the ground failed to germinate properly and fruits and vegetables suffered from rot due to excessive moisture. To add insult to injury, bears invaded our orchards, consuming bushels of fresh apples and severely damaging the trees in the process while groups of hungry deer broke through our protected nursery area and chewed dozens of young apple trees grafted this spring.

The upshot is that our list of fall trees is woefully short this year. Whereas in previous years we were proud to offer many hundreds of different varieties for fall delivery, this season our stock of trees is far fewer than usual and, while the trees are green and healthy, the overall size is below average due to poor growing conditions.

As you look over our short list of trees, we ask for your patience and understanding as we look to close out this forgettable year. There’s another old saying for farmers after such a difficult season as this: “There’s always next year!”

Thank you for your ongoing support.

2014 Fall Apple Trees

Listed below are all the apple trees available for purchase this Fall. If there are certain varieties not listed that you would like to purchase, we are accepting orders now for delivery in the Fall of 2015. Visit the “How to Order” page for more information on placing custom-grafted orders for delivery next season.

These trees are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your trees for Fall shipping send an email with your order to oldapple@bighorsecreekfarm.com or submit your request through our Contact Us page. Please include your name, shipping address and telephone number when placing an order.

All trees are priced at $20 each, with additional shipping charges as described on our Pricing Information page. When your order is received you will receive an Intuit Quickbooks invoice by email to confirm your requests. Trees are shipped in the Fall only. Please note there is a minimum requirement of 2 trees in any combination of varieties per customer order.

List updated September 18, 2014 at 1:25 p.m.

MM.7 Rootstock
MM.106 Rootstock
MM.111 Rootstock
Bud.9 Dwarf Rootstock
Adam’s Pearmain 1
Arkansas 1 1
Banana Pippin 1
Belle de Boskoop 1
Belmont 1 1
Benoni 1 1
Black Amish 1 2
Black Ben Davis 1
Black Gilliflower 1 1 1
Black Oxford 2 1
Blenheim Orange 1
Blue Ridge King 1
Bramley’s Seedling 1 1
Brushy Mt. Limbertwig 3 4
Buckingham 1
Bulmer’s Norman 1
Burgundy 1
Burning Green 1
Calville Blanc 1
Calvin 1 1
Caney Fork Limbertwig 1
Cannon Pearmain 1
Carolina Red June 1
Champion 1
Charlamoff 2
Chestnut Crab 1 2
Clara’s Creek 2
Coat Jersey 1
Cranberry Pippin 1
Crimson King 1
Crow Egg 1
Dabinette 2
Dixie Red Delight 1
Domine 1 1
Dunkerton Late Sweet 2
Early Joe 1
Early Strawberry 1
Ensee 1 1
Fall Pippin 1 1
Fall Wine 1
Fallawater 2
Flat Fallawater 1
Fleming 1 1
Gano 1
Gloria Mundi 1
Golden Pippin 1 2
Golden Russet 1
Gragg 2
Gravenstein 2
Green Cheese 2
Green River 1
Harrison 1
Hightop Sweet 1
No Blo 2
Ophir 1
Ozark Gold 1
Paragon 2
Pastel 1
Peck’s Pleasant 1
Porter 1
Priestly 1
Priscilla 1
Rainbow 1
Republican 1
Swaar 1
Sweet Alford 1
Sweet Bough 1
Tetofsky 1
Tolman Sweet 1 1
Tompkins County King 1
Tremlett’s Bitter 1
Vilberie 1
Wagener 1
Western Beauty 1
Wickson Crab 1
William’s Favorite 1
William’s Pride 1
Winthrop Greening 1
Yankee Sweet 1
Yellow Hardin 1
Yellow June 1
Yellow Sheepnose 1