Fall Trees

The 2017 List of Fall Trees is now closed for the season. The devastating crop losses we experienced this year, coupled with exceptionally poor weather during the summer growing season, left us with a greatly reduced stock of trees this fall, forcing us to close sales much earlier than normal.

We have been quite moved by the countless calls and compassionate letters of support we have received from our loyal customers and dear friends. People understand very well the challenges and difficulties farmers deal with on a daily basis. It’s part and parcel of the job and something that just goes with the territory! Farming is, and will always be, an immense gamble in which failure and disappointment are to be expected. How well farmers confront these occasional failures is a function of strength of character and individual determination.

In our case, we do not intend to let these setbacks undermine the course of our future. With a renewed sense of confidence and an unyielding dedication to quality products and strong customer support, we look forward to confronting those unknown challenges which lie ahead for us in the New Year.

So, once again, with our deepest sincerity, we extend our most heart-felt gratitude for your continuing interest and support for our work.

Warmest regards from Ron and Suzanne at Big Horse Creek Farm.

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