Fall Trees

Listed below are all the apple trees available for purchase this Fall. Once again, our list is smaller than usual this year due to significant losses suffered as a result of very poor weather in early spring. We greatly appreciate your patience and support. If there are certain varieties not listed that you would like to purchase, we are accepting orders now for delivery in the Fall of 2019. Visit the “How to Order” page for more information on placing custom-grafted orders for delivery next season.

These trees are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your trees for Fall shipping send an email with your order to oldapple@bighorsecreekfarm.com or submit your request through our Contact Us page. Please include your name, shipping address and telephone number when placing an order.

All trees are priced at $22 each, with additional shipping charges as described on our Pricing Information page. When your order is received you will receive an Intuit Quickbooks invoice by email to confirm your requests. Trees are shipped in the Fall only. Please note there is a minimum requirement of 2 trees in any combination of varieties per customer order.

List updated September 16, 2018 at 12:00 PM EDT.

2018 List of Fall Trees

Apple Variety MM.7 Rootstock MM.106 Rootstock Bud.118 Rootstock Antonovka Rootstock
Allum 2
Arkansas Black 2
Ashmead’s Kernel 4
Beitigheimer 1
Bevan’s Favorite 1
Bishop 1
Black Jack 1
Buff 1
Bulmer’s Norman 1
Canada Red 1
Caney Fork Limbertwig 2
Cauley 1
Cranberry Pippin 1
Crimson Beauty 1
Crimson King 1
Detroit Red 2
Duchess of Oldenburg 1
Fall Russet 1
Fanny 1
Flat Fallawater 1
Gloria Mundi 1
Golden Pippin 1
Grindstone 1
Higdon 1
Hollow Log 1
Husk Sweet 1
Hyslop Crab 2
Irish Peach 1
Jonagold 1
Leathercoat 3
Lewis Green 1
Lugar Red 1
Minkler 1
Nickajack 1
NW Greening 1
Oliver 1
Pastel 1
Pilot 1
Romanite 1 1
Salome 1
Virginia Gold 1
Wickson Crab 1
Williams Pride 1
Yellow Transparent 1


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