July Tart

According to information, July Tart was an family heirloom variety found at the home of Mrs. Press Whittaker near Cumberland, Kentucky. She had grafted it from an old tree planted by her father when she was a young child. The true history of the original tree is unknown, but was a common variety in the area for many years. The apple is described as a “summer Granny Smith type” and is both a good eating and cooking apple. Fruit is medium or smaller, conical-shaped, with light-green skin which ripens to pale yellow. The white flesh is firm, fine-flavored, briskly tart, and retains its color well when cut. Ripens in July.


  1. Ronda combs
    Ronda combs09-24-2016

    We would like to order a July Tart apple tree. Could you please let me know if this is possible?

  2. Russell Hunt (Mel)
    Russell Hunt (Mel)09-03-2017

    I was looking for an apple that ripens in june or early july, we use to call it a june apple,
    not a big apple, light green at first then turns into a light yellow/green, great for fried apples
    or apple pie, slightly tart in taste. This was a tree on an old home place in West Virginia.
    They say that it took 8 years to complete the house we rented. But I specifically remember
    climbing in the tree and eating the apples.

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