Cornish Gilliflower


Also known as: Julyflower, Cornish Julyflower

A absolutely wonderful dessert apple discovered in a cottage garden in Cornwall, England, sometime in the 18th century and introduced in 1813. Not an especially attractive apple with dull green skin with reddish brown coloration and thin russet covering. However, the apple is extremely rich and flavorful, often with an intriguing clove-like aroma. Sometimes the fruit will develop a clear dark red color when fully exposed to the sun. Fruit is medium to large in size, roundish-conical in shape and tapering to a five-pointed base. The rough russeted skin is dry and bumpy. Ripens in October.

Cornish Gilliflower Fruit
  1. Dave Liezen
    Dave Liezen03-11-2017

    In your experience, is Cornish Gillyflower a tip bearer or partial tip bearer?

    Also, is it tardy to begin bearing?
    Thank you.

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