Virginia Beauty


Also known as: Zach, Zach Red

Once a very well known and desirable apple rivaling Red Delicious for popularity, Virginia Beauty is now a rare apple. The apple originated from a seed planted in 1810 in the backyard of Zach Safewright in the Piper’s Gap community of Carroll Co., Virginia. The original tree stood until 1914. Fruit medium to large, often lopsided, with smooth, dark red or purplish skin. Flesh is greenish yellow, fine-grained, tender and juicy. Ripens October-February and is a good keeper.

Virginia Beauty Fruit
Virginia Beauty Bloom
  1. Lorene Elliott
    Lorene Elliott09-29-2016

    Oh, I do hope that u have some Virginia Beauties this time.
    Also do u have any trees to sell? Also I remember how good the
    Wolfe Rivers are also. Do u take these apples to the Farmers Market.

    Thank u for any information that u can help me with…

  2. Sara Ann Stephens
    Sara Ann Stephens11-01-2017

    Would like to buy some virginia beauty apples.

    • Ron Joyner
      Ron Joyner11-21-2017

      We’re sorry, Sara Ann, but we do not have any Virginia Beauty apples this year. We regret we are unable to help with your request

      Big Horse Creek Farm

      • Sara Ann Stephens
        Sara Ann Stephens01-10-2018

        Would you be able to ship to Tennessee when they come in in the fall? I would order trees but have not had any luck with the varieties that we’ve planted in the past.

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