Blenheim Orange


Also known as: Blenheim, Blenheimsrenett, Blooming Orange, Blenheim Pippin, Gloucester Pippin, Orange Pippin, Prince of Wales, Ward’s Pippin, Woodstock, Woodstock Pippin

A very lovely apple which originated in 1740 at Woodstock near Blenheim in Oxfordshire, England. It first began to receive recognition in 1818 and by the 1820’s was widespread throughout Europe and America. Fruit is large and has a somewhat flattened appearance. The skin is dull greenish-yellow and mostly flushed with speckled reddish-orange. Flesh is creamy white, coarse, firm, and moderately juicy. Ripens October to December.

Blenheim Orange Fruit
Blenheim Orange Bloom

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