Yellow June


Also known as: White June, Hoover June, White Juneating(?)

An apple of unknown southern origin, resembling Early Harvest and frequently mistaken for this variety, but with an earlier ripening time than Early Harvest. Fruit medium-sized, roundish, with thin pale yellow or greenish-yellow skin. Skin is covered with numerous green and brown dots or lenticels. The tender yellowish-white flesh is juicy with a brisk subacid flavor. Ripens late June to July or later, depending on location.

Yellow June Fruit
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  1. Chris Talton
    Chris Talton01-04-2014

    My favorite is yellow June. This apple is awesome! My aunt mistakenly called these Granny Smith but I had to correct her. It has a really brisk tangy flavor to me the only competition is either a st edmunds pipped or a hall .the yellow June is part of my childhood.

  2. Nitta Anderson
    Nitta Anderson03-22-2015

    Is there anyway I can get some Yellow June apple trees. I live in Wilkesboro NC.
    Please let me know what I need to do.


    Nitta Anderson

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