Maiden’s Blush


Also known as: Lady Blush, Red Cheek, Maiden Blush, Vestal, Summer Maiden’s Blush, Uchella

Originated in Burlington, New Jersey in 1817 and first named by Samuel Allinson. It is a very lovely apple with a sharp, tangy flavor well suited for cooking. When the fruit is fully ripe, the sharp flavor mellows a bit and makes a very tasty fresh eating apple. It also makes an excellent drying apple as the flesh remains very white when fully dried. Fruit medium to large with smooth, pale waxen yellow skin with a crimson blush. The fine white flesh is crisp, tender, very juicy, and very tart. Ripens July to September depending on location.

Maiden's Blush Fruit
Maiden's Blush Bloom
  1. Peter Cullen
    Peter Cullen08-04-2014

    Hi I’m in Australia just looked up Maidens blush as we had one growing on the farm here in Victoria Australia.
    She was a beut and you might think I’m pulling your leg, telling lies but the apples were 1.5kg most of the time we put e’m in the local show won prizes and I’ve just missed out getting a scion to graft, she was tired out after bearing fruit since Adam was a boy.
    Sorry about the useless information.
    If these are some of the earliest apples in the States it’s a probability they came out on the first fleet to these waters from England Ireland the old country.
    Peter Cullen. Melbourne Victoria Australia.

    • Ron Joyner
      Ron Joyner08-06-2014

      Congratulations on producing such great apples, Peter. While the Maiden’s Blush can develop into a respectfully large apple under the right conditions, we certainly have never raised them to be as large as what you produce there in Australia. Must be that warm “Down Under” climate! What seems to capture the fancy of apple lovers here is not necessarily the large size but the very attractive appearance of the fruit. A well-ripened, colorful Maiden’s Blush is indeed a thing of rare beauty. The fine flavor of a fresh Maiden’s Blush is a great complement to its attractiveness, as well.

      Thanks for sharing your comments.

      Warmest regards,
      Ron Joyner

  2. Marcaline Freehan
    Marcaline Freehan11-10-2019

    Can the Maiden bush apple grow in Maine and survive the winters here.

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