Early Strawberry


Also known as: Red Strawberry, Red Juneating, Tennessee Early Red

Early Strawberry is believed to have originated in New York around 1838. It is very similar in appearance to another early apple, Early Red Margaret, with the two often being mistaken. Fruit is medium sized and often has unequal sides. The smooth, thick skin is light greenish-yellow with fine stripes and splashes of bright red. The tender, crisp, juicy flesh is white and often stained with red when eating. Ripens in June-July, depending on location.

Early Strawberry Fruit
Early Strawberry Bloom
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  1. Lana Green
    Lana Green01-22-2018

    I believe I have an Early Strawberry. I have pictures of the apples and the tree, if that would help identify it. It is a tart, wonderful baking apple, especially for applesauce that needs very little sugar or flavoring (I like it tart). But the fruit is really not crisp enough for raw eating unless picked early and then it maybe just a bit too tart for eating. It cooks up very quickly and for applesauce, this is great, but it doesn’t maintain substance enough for pies. Does it sound like an Early Strawberry? It looks just like your picture, unless I let them ripen too much and then they are pretty dark red. Some actually turn dark red before they are even through growing, but most are like your picture. The blooms also look just like your picture. Here in Kansas, they ripen in mid July and some years earlier. Not the best time of year for cooking applesauce. I generally peel and slice and put in a crockpot so it’s not so hot. I then freeze the applesauce in single serving Glad cups since there are only two of us and the pints I canned were not convenient. Too much waste.

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