Grimes Golden


Also known as: Grimes Golden Pippin, Bellflower

Considered one of the finest American apples ever, Grimes Golden originated in 1790 in Brooks Co., West Virginia where today a granite monument still stands in recognition of this outstanding apple. Grimes Golden is one of the parents of the widely popular Golden Delicious. Fruit is medium to large, roundish to slightly oblong with tough yellow skin with occasional patches of russet. This aromatic apple is highly flavored with tender, crisp, juicy yellowish-orange flesh. Ripens September to October and is a good keeper.

Grimes Golden Fruit
Grimes Golden Bloom


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  1. Deanna Beeler
    Deanna Beeler02-11-2017

    My long-dead dad loved Arkansas Black and Grimes Golden apples. Could they be grafted onto something that would help them do well in Humboldt County – coastal Northern California, where the weather seldom hits 75 but seldom freezes either? Maybe 400-600 (very max) chill hours per year?

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