Green Cheese


Also known as: Carolina Greening, Crank, Green, Green Crank, Greening, Southern Golden Pippin, Southern Greening, Southern Pippin, Turner’s Cheese, Winter Greening, Winter Cheese, Yellow Crank

A very old classic southern apple dating to the 1700’s. It is thought to have originated in North Carolina or Georgia but its true origin is uncertain. Green Cheese has always been a very popular apple not only for its high quality flavor but for its keeping ability and late blooming which allows it to escape most late spring frosts. The fruit is medium to large, oblate to oblique in shape. The skin is deep green in color, turning pale yellow when fully ripe with an occasional slight bronze blush on the sunny side. The yellowish flesh is crisp, tender and juicy. Ripens September.

Bullet Fruit



  1. Andra Moskowitz
    Andra Moskowitz09-27-2013

    I want one of these Green Cheese Apple trees. How can I pay you for it? My address is 102 Doughty Ave., Greeneville, TN 37745

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