Moyers Spice

A hardy and vigorous variety from the collection of the late Henry Morton of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This medium-sized, aromatic red apple has yellowish-white flesh with a spicy subacid to sweet flavor. Ripens in mid-July and is not a good keeper.

Moyers Spice Fruit
Moyers Spice Bloom
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  1. Annie Dunn
    Annie Dunn03-05-2018

    Where can I buy a MOYER SPICE APPLE TREE? Will they grow in Michigan?My grandma had these apples in Sevierville, Tn. Years ago. Thank you, Euretha Dunn


    Did u find the Moyer Spice Apple tree? I am married to the great greandson Moyer from Indiana and I want to surprise him him with trees. We visited his someplace of his Moyer. Where the orchard was, but if course, none were there
    Please reply if u have found Amy trees for purchase. Thank you….Jan Moyer

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