San Jacinto

A very early season apple which originated in Georgia sometime before 1900. The story goes that Dr. A.M. Ragland of Pilot Point, Texas, bought some apple trees from the Fruitland Nursery of Augusta, Georgia, which were labeled as the variety “Mrs. Bryan.” Several years later Dr. Ragland realized the trees were not Mrs. Bryan and all subsequent attempts by he and the Fruitland Nursery to properly identify the trees failed. He renamed the tree San Jacinto. Excellent variety for warmer climates and praised as one of the best varieties for north Texas, New Mexico and Kansas. Fruit is large, oblong to slightly conical with pale yellow skin, covered with a deep orange to reddish blush and overlaid with darker red nearly covering the entire apple. The crisp yellow flesh is juicy and refreshing. Ripens July – August.

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