Ralls Janet


Also known as: Neverfail, Jefferson Pippin, Royal Janette, Rawle’s Janet, Geneton, Rawle’s Genet, Jeniton, Gennetting, Jannetting, Rock Rimmon, Rock Remain, Rauls Genet, Rollings Jennetting, Rock of Remon, Jefferson Pippin, Red Neverfail, Royal Janette, Winter Gennetting, Yellow Jannette, Rock of Ammon, Rholl, Winter Neverfail, Gray Romanite, Copper Schmidt, Indiana Jannetting, Lauback, Missouri Janet(?)

An apple with a long, convoluted history, Ralls Janet first gained attention in 1800 where it was grown on the farm of Caleb Ralls in Amherst County, Virginia. For a very detailed discussion of this historic American apple, see Lee Calhoun’s excellent book, Old Southern Apples. Fruit is medium to large with thin greenish-yellow skin covered with pinkish red and overlaid with dark red striping. The yellowish flesh is fine-grained, crisp and juicy. Ripens in October and is an excellent keeper.

Ralls Janet Fruit

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