Also known as: Fall Vandevere, Ox Eye, Gibbon’s Smokehouse, Gray Vandevere, Green Vandevere, Vandiver, Imperial Vandevere, Lasting Vandevere, Mill Creek, Old Vandevere, Pennsylvania Vandevere, Red Vandevere, Staalcubs, Stalcubs, Striped Vandevere, Vandervere, Watson’s Vandevere, White Vandevere, Yellow Vandevere, Little Vandevere, Longbottom(?), Ashmore(?)

Origin is unclear, but probably arose in Wilmington, Delaware in the 1700’s on the farm of the Vandiver family. Fruit is medium size or larger with yellow skin overlaid with pale red stripes. A good keeper, it becomes greasy feeling in storage and loses some crispness, but remains an excellent cooking apple until March or April. The firm, tender yellow flesh is crisp, juicy and sweet. Ripens in October or later.

Vandevere Fruit
Vandevere Bloom


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