Dixie Red Delight


Also known as: Red Joy, Red Delight

Once a popular Southern apple sold extensively throughout the south in the early 1900’s, Dixie Red Delight is now a very hard-to-find variety. It originated with amateur horticulturist, Oren T. Bowman of Sylacauga, Alabama who raised the apple from seeds of Yellow Transparent. He later sold the rights to the Commercial Nursery Company of Dechert , Tennessee,  in 1960. Trees were sold by the H. G. Hastings Nursery of Atlanta in the 60’s and 70’s. Rediscovered by our friend and fellow collector, Joyce Neighbors of Alabama, this fine old apple is once again available. It is a handsome red fruit with a sweet, crisp flavor and also a very fine keeper.

Dixie Red Delight Fruit


  1. Jennifer mueller
    Jennifer mueller02-08-2015

    Hello, I’m interested in purchasing a Dixie red delight tree. Do you have any available?
    Thanks very much!!!

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