William’s Favorite


Also known as: Williams, Williams Apple, Southern Queen, Ladies Apple, Queen, Williams Red, Early Red, Red, Favorite, Motto(?)

A wonderful old southern apple well known for its adaptability to most growing conditions. The tree arose around 1750 on the farm of Captain Benjamin Williams in Roxbury, Massachusetts. In 1830, it was introduced to the public by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society where it was renamed William’s Favorite. It soon worked its way into the southern states during the latter part of the 19th century. The apple resembles Red Delicious, but is brighter red and ripens earlier. It demonstrates resistance to fireblight. Fruit is medium to large, conical, and sometimes lobed or angular. Skin is smooth and whitish-yellow with two shades of red wash and stripes. The yellowish-white flesh is tender, moderately juicy, and stained red at the core line. Ripens in July.

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