Pomme Gris


Also known as: Gray Apple, Pomme Grise, Grise, French Russet, Leather Apple of Turic, Leather Coat

Pomme Gris may have originated with the French people of the St. Lawrence valley in Canada, but it is also possible it came into Canada from Europe. Although not a particularly attractive fruit, it is an excellent dessert apple. Fruit size is medium to small with thick, tough greenish-yellow skin almost entirely covered with a brownish russet. The rich, juicy yellow flesh is firm, crisp, and aromatic. Ripens in September and is a fairly good keeper.

Pomme Gris Fruit
  1. Dave Liezen
    Dave Liezen05-14-2014

    Wondering about Pomme Grise bloom time – early, early-mid, mid, mid-late, late? I have a friend who wishes to graft it onto his Liberty apple, which blooms early-mid, and I wish to ensure they will overlap bloom times.
    BTW, we are in Spokane, WA, where the entire bloom time is compressed – and well into mid-late this date of 14 May 2014.
    Thank you.

    • Ron Joyner
      Ron Joyner05-15-2014

      Pomme Gris is a very early bloomer. In fact, it is usually one of the first varieties to bloom each season. It should work well as a companion bloomer for Liberty. Hope this helps. Thanks for your interest.

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