Also known as: Brandywine, Logan’s Northern Pippin, Mumper Vandevere

As described in Beach’s Apples of New York (1905), Minkler was recognized as a popular apple in Illinois around 1865 where its cultivation was confined to this region and adjoining states. The history of the apple is very confusing but it is known it was first exhibited before the Illinois Horticultural Society around this period by Mr. S.G. Minkler. The apple is medium-sized and uniform in shape. The thin, slightly tough skin is smooth, glossy, greenish-yellow changing to pale yellow and overspread with a pinkish-red blush and splashes of dark carmine. The yellow to greenish flesh is very firm and coarse, slightly aromatic and very crisp and juicy. Ripens late October to early November.

Minkler Fruit
  1. Dale Hulsey
    Dale Hulsey02-27-2014

    I would like information where I can get
    minkler apple tree to set out one or two. What size and price I thank you.

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