Ashmead’s Kernel

An apple of English origin and one of the best high-quality dessert apples available. It originated about 1700 in the gardens of Thomas Ashmead of Gloucester, England. Though not considered an attractive apple, the tremendous flavor more than compensates for its appearance. The flavor has been variously described as “strong, sweet-sharp intense”, “sweet yet a little acid” and “mouth-puckering.” The apple’s flavor is indeed strong and intense when first picked, but sweetens and mellows greatly after several weeks in storage. The yellowish-green skin has an occasional light-orange blush, and is almost completely covered with a fine gray-brown russet coating. The yellowish-white flesh is crisp, firm and juicy. Ripens September to October.

Ashmead's Kernel Fruit
Ashmead's Kernel Bloom
  1. Sarah Sutherland
    Sarah Sutherland02-10-2014

    I bought one @ a decade ago for my work site (a 1790’s home) and am very happy! The fruit has a bright, exciting flavor we can’t wait to enjoy every year – if we can beat out the crows! We love it so much, when it was backed over by a truck we propped it up and have been painstakingly reshaping it, and it’s survived the trauma well. Save for this pruning, it’s been an easy keeper. I would recommend this variety if you want something a little different from sweet!

    • Ron Joyner
      Ron Joyner02-14-2014

      “…bright, exciting flavor” describes this apple perfectly, Sarah! It’s certainly not your typical grocery store apple. The flavor can vary somewhat year-to-year depending on weather, soil nutrient level, etc., but it always challenges your perceptions of what an apple should taste like. Glad you enjoy this fine classic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Rod

    How well might Ashmead’s fair in hot Central Texas weather? Any guidance or insight is appreciated.

  3. Evan Williams
    Evan Williams10-31-2019

    Hey, Ron. Is your Ashmead’s Kernel from Nick Botner’s orchard. The first brnchgraft of this variety I got cane from Wagonwheel in Kansas and his originated with Botner. Mine was fabulous until the voles killed it. You wouldn’t have a couple of strays around would you? Hope your health is manageable my friend.

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