Golden Russet


Also known as: Bullet Pippin, Fox Apple, Long Tom, “Rusty Coat”

The American Golden Russet is a famous, old “Southern” apple which originated in Burlington County, New Jersey in the 1700’s. A widely versatile fruit, Golden Russet is excellent for fresh eating and drying but is most noted for making hard cider. Its high sugar content can produce a cider with up to 7% alcohol content. A medium sized apple, round to oblong in shape, with pale yellow skin overlaid with a rough, golden-russet coating. The yellow flesh is firm, dense, crisp and juicy. Ripens September to November.

Golden Russet Fruit
Golden Russet Bloom
  1. Ellie

    I would like to know if you sell Golden Russet Apple fruit and if so, if there is any way I can order them from you?
    Thank you for you reply,
    Best regards,

    • Ron Joyner
      Ron Joyner09-11-2015

      Hi Ellie,
      Normally, we would be picking our Golden Russet apples within the next couple of weeks but, unfortunately, we will not have these apples available this year. The Golden Russet did not produce well this year as a result of poor weather during the bloom period which “grounded” the pollinating insects and prevented them from doing their job. We wish we could help with your request but we just do not have the apples this season. Maybe next year…

      Thanks for your interest.

  2. Jill

    Do you sell and send golden russets? We are having a heck of a time finding anyone that even grows them anymore. I live in Michigan.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Ron Joyner
      Ron Joyner11-21-2017

      Our business is focused primarily on fruit tree collection and propagation so we do not have many individual trees of each variety in our collection. In this case, we only have two Golden Russet trees in our collection, so do not produce enough apples for shipping. We only sell locally. Sorry we are unable to help with your request.

      Big Horse Creek Farm

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