Also known as: Early Margaret, Early Striped Juneating, Striped June

A very old variety originating in England and sold in the South for many years as Striped June or Early Striped June. Margaret is characterized by its small to medium size with an oblong to slightly conical shape. The skin is yellow with dark red striping concentrated most at the stem end. The crisp, white flesh is tender, juicy, and quite flavorful for an early season apple. Ripens June to July.


  1. Bill Snotherly
    Bill Snotherly09-13-2015

    Hey Ron,

    Did not see a Margaret, but saw a M7 Brushy Mountain Limbertwig. Please set aside the M7 Brushy Mountain Limbertwig and graft me a Margaret Bud 9 or M 7 for Fall 2016. I am willing to trade scions with you, too. I will need some (3) M7 root stock, too. I trust you are meeting life head on and not letting it get the best of you. Praying for your renewed strength …take care!

    And thank you,
    Bill Snotherly
    205 Longwood Drive
    Youngsville, NC 28596

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