Hubbardston’s Nonesuch


Also known as: John May, Red Winter Nonsuch, American Blush, Old Town Pippin, Nonsuch, Van Fleet, Hubbardston’s Nonsuch, Farmer’s Profit

Hubbardston’s Nonesuch originated in Hubbardston, Massachusetts in the early 1800’s. Although it is considered to be a fine flavored apple, it never achieved much recognition in the South. Beach describes the apple as “excellent for dessert but less satisfactory for culinary use.” Fruit is medium to large in size with smooth yellow skin blushed with reddish-brown and overlaid with dark red striping. The aromatic yellow flesh is tender, juicy, and sweet. Ripens October to November.

Hubbardston Nonesuch Fruit
  1. John Hoye
    John Hoye01-14-2015

    Interested in Hubbardston Nonesuch I understand three rootstocks are available
    Please advise what rootstocks are available 2015

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