Also known as: Ortley Pippin, White Bellflower, Woolman’s Long Pippin, Detroit, Greasy Pippin, Hollow Core Pippin, Ohio Favorite, Yellow Pippin, Crane’s Pippin, White Detroit, Willow Leaf Pippin, Woodward’s Pippin, Green Bellflower, Marrow Pippin, White Pippin, Melting Pippin, Inman, Spice Pippin, Cleopatra, Tom Woodward Pippin, Davis, Todd’s Golden Pippin, Warren Pippin, Van Dyne(?)

When you see this many synonyms for a particular apple, you can safely assume it has a long and storied history. More commonly known in the South as White Bellflower, Ortley originated in the 1800’s in New Jersey where it was first described as Woolman’s Long Pippin. The fruit resembles the better known Yellow Bellflower, but is less acid in flavor. Fruit is medium to large, conical, with greasy yellow skin occasionally having a fine red blush. The creamy white flesh is tender and juicy. Ripens October to January.

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