Edwards’ Winter

This North Carolina apple originated in Chatham County before 1869 in the orchard of Sampson Edwards as a seedling cross of Hall x Ralls Janet. In 1992 Lee Calhoun (1995) was taken to visit two ancient old trees planted about 1916 near Crutchfield Crossroads in Chatham County. The two trees had been part of a family farm for over 200 years. One tree was a Mother. The other was Edwards’ Winter most likely grafted from the original tree planted in Sampson Edwards’ orchard, who, interestingly, was buried in a nearby Quaker cemetery. Fruit is medium-sized, roundish to slightly flattened. The greenish-yellow to yellow skin is lightly blushed and striped with brownish-red. Yellow flesh is fine-grained, tender, crisp and juicy. Ripens late November to December.

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