Also known as: All Summer, Frederick(?)

A long-time popular variety that most likely originated with Dr. Nichodemus Hackworth (1816-1893) of Morgan County, Alabama. A letter sent to the USDA by T.W. Dermington of Lavonia, Georgia, in 1907 stated that the apple arose as a chance seedling on a creek bank from seeds washed down from an old orchard upstream. It is believed that Dr. Nichodemus obtained starts from this original tree. As described in an old nursery catalog, it was a great summer apple which “bears fruit every day in August.” Fruit medium with yellow skin overlaid with a few red stripes and splashes. Flesh is yellow, granular, and aromatic. Ripens July to August.

Hackworth Fruit
Hackworth Bloom



  1. Sandy McAnally
    Sandy McAnally01-08-2018

    I am trying to locate a source of the Hackworth Apple Tree. My grandfather had 3 trees on his property many, many ago and we loved them. Those trees were the best tasting, and plentiful when mature. My sister and I want to start them again. My uncle is 97 years old (son of this grandfather) is still healthy and has a memory like an encyclopedia, While visiting with him recently, he told us the name of the trees. We would like to get a start while he can help us. Do you sell saplings?

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