Hewe’s Crab


Also known as: Virginia Crab, Cider Crab, Hughe’s Virginia Crab, Red Hughes

Hewe’s Crab is absolutely one of the best cider crab apples available today. The exact date of origin is unclear, but trees of Hewe’s Crab were discovered in Virginia in 1817 which were already a hundred years old. It produces a clear, dry cider which is excellent by itself or used in a blend with other ciders. Fruit is very small (1 ½ inches diameter) with dark green skin mostly covered with dull, purplish red and numerous large white dots. Flesh is firm, crisp, astringent and quite acid in flavor. Ripens September to October and is a good keeper.

Hewe's Crab Fruit
Hewe's Crab Bloom


  1. Doug Lachance
    Doug Lachance09-04-2014

    I am interested in purchasing three of these Hewes Crab trees

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