Taylor Sweet

A fairly uncommon local apple grown in Yancey County, North Carolina and discovered by Lee Calhoun after being contacted by Arnold Proffitt and his sister Audrey Davenport. Mr. Proffitt says this apple was grown on his farm when his father was a young boy making it an apple more than 100 years old. Travis Whitson, whose family has one Taylor Sweet tree remaining on the old family farm in Yancey County, describes the apple as follows: “The apples ripen in the first and second week of August and do not keep very long. The fruit is small, yellowish in color with brown specks and is very sweet. It is so sweet that after biting into it the flesh will start turning dark quickly. My Mother, while living, was able to cut the core out, applied butter and raisins and baked. A very good eating and dessert apple.”

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