Husk Sweet

A beautiful dark red apple we discovered in Ashe Co. as a wild seedling. Husk Sweet has a honey-rich sweetness that can be startling when first tasted. There is no hint of tartness or “bite” to the apple when eaten, but instead a rich, smooth, intensely sweet flavor. It is superb as a dried fruit and makes a wonderful applesauce. Unlike most apple varieties, this apple is extraordinarily well-adapted to very hot and humid climates that would normally destroy most apples. Thanks to efforts of our colleague and friend, Kevin Hauser of Kuffel Creek Nursery in California, Husk Sweet is now being grown commercially in several African countries. Fruit is large with deep red smooth skin and has fine tender, juicy white flesh. Fruit ripens in late October and is not a good keeper.

Husk Sweet Fruit
Husk Sweet Bloom

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