Yellow Bellflower


Also known as: Fall Bellflower, Lady Washington, Yellow Sheepnose, Belle Fleur, Bellflower, Warren Pippin, Sheepnose, Lincoln Pippin, Mrs. Barron, Bishop Pippin

Yellow Bellflower originated in the early 1800’s in Burlington, New Jersey. Medium size fruit is conical, often ribbed, with distinctive knobs at the calyx end. The smooth skin is pale yellow with a reddish-brown blush. The pale yellowish-white flesh is firm, crisp, juicy and aromatic. Flavor is rather tart when first picked, but mellows in storage. Ripens in October and is a fair keeper.

Yellow Bellflower Fruit
Yellow Bellflower Bloom
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  1. Joshua Yatsko
    Joshua Yatsko03-17-2018

    Can this fruit be purchased from your orchard in the fall? My great grandmother turned 95 this year and her father used to grow yellow bellflower in the 1920’s. It would mean the world to her if she was able to taste one again.

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