Also known as: Tetofski, Russian Crab

An apple of Russian origin first imported into this country from England by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1835. Used primarily as a cooking apple as it is very acid until fully ripened. A natural dwarf tree with great cold-hardiness well suited for growing in extreme cold climates. Fruit is medium, roundish to slightly oblate with smooth pale yellow skin striped with red and overspread with a whitish bloom. The white flesh is tender, juicy, coarse and quite tart until ripe. Fruit ripens in June to July, about the same time as another Russian apple, Yellow Transparent.

  1. Dave Liezen
    Dave Liezen07-29-2014

    In your notes it appears you transposed two numbers (something I do all the time.) I believe the correct date for the introduction of Tetofsky, Alexander and Duchess of Oldenburg is 1835.
    Good stuff you have recorded here.

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