Red Limbertwig


Also known as: Limbertwig, Mountain Limbertwig, Common Limbertwig, James River, Green Limbertwig, American Limbertwig, Red Jewel, Virginia Limbertwig (?)

This is certainly one of the oldest and best known of the many Limbertwigs and probably the best keeper of the group. The flavor improves greatly during storage. Absolutely terrific fresh eating apple and even better for cider making. Fruit is medium in size with rough, greenish-yellow skin with a dull red blush on the sunny side. Numerous, large, brown dots visible on the skin. Ripens October to November or later.

Red Limbertwig Fruit
Red Limbertwig Bloom


  1. Vicki

    I lived in Charlotte and ate Red Limbertwigs. Best apple in the world. I moved to Dayton, Ohio. Do you know if the limbertwig can survive up here?


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