Also known as: Yellow Horse, Old Fashion Horse, Carolina Horse, Summer Horse, Green Horse, McBath, Oldfield Horse, Improved Horse, Trippes Horse, Hoss

Horse was probably the most popular apple grown for home use in the South. Believed by some to have originated in Nash County, North Carolina in the 1800’s, Horse was immensely popular for its many home uses including fresh eating, cooking, drying and cider and vinegar making. The tree is a late bloomer, a prolific producer and an early bearer. Fruit is medium to large, slightly ribbed with thick golden yellow skin. Flesh is firm, yellow, juicy and quite tart until fully ripe. Ripens July to August.

Horse Fruit
  1. Dennis Talley
    Dennis Talley02-02-2017

    Your list of apple trees is very impressive. With that said is their any possible way to get a few Horse apple trees in the spring on a m111 root stock. I ant getting any younger.I would be willing to pay extra for your trouble

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