Baking Apples

  • Late Strawberry

    Late Strawberry

    Also known as: Autumn Strawberry, Fall Strawberry, English Strawberry Late Strawberry originated around 1848 in Aurora, New York, and was quite popular and widely sold by many southern nurseries. It is a most attractive apple and considered one of the best dessert apples available. It …

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  • Lady


    Also known as: Lady Apple, Pomme d’Api, Christmas Apple, Lady’s Finger, Petit Api, Pomme Rose, Lady Sweet, Wax Apple A famous old apple dating back hundreds of years and one of the first European apples brought to America. Believed to have originated in the Forest …

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  • Lacy

    Listed in two Virginia nursery catalogs in the late 1800’s, Lacy is believed to be of North Carolina origin. It is described as good for fresh eating, canning, cooking, and drying. Fruit is medium or smaller with greenish-yellow skin blushed and striped with red on …

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  • Knobbed Russet

    Also known as: Knobby Russet, Old Maid’s Winter, Winter Russet, Winter Apple There’s only one way to adequately describe this apple – it’s just plain ugly! Often said to look more like a potato than an apple, Knobbed Russet originated in Sussex, England in 1819. …

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  • Kinnaird's Choice

    Kinnaird’s Choice

    Also known as: Red Winter Cluster, Kennard, Black Winesap, Kinnard A famous old apple well adapted to growing in the South. The apple originated on the farm of Michael Kinnaird of Franklin, Tennessee in 1855 and is believed to be a cross of Limbertwig x …

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  • King Solomon

    King Solomon

    Also known as: Solomon An old Georgia apple originating before the Civil War and once sold by the Forest Nursery of Fairview, Kentucky. Other details of its history are unknown. The apple is medium-sized with yellowish-orange skin with stripes and splashes of red. The coarse …

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  • King of Pippins

    King of Pippins

    Also known as: Golden Winter Pearmain, Reine des Reinettes An apple of English origin formerly known as Golden Winter Pearmain but introduced into Brompton, England around 1800 as King of the Pippins. A wonderful apple, small in size but full of flavor. It is said …

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  • King Luscious

    King Luscious

    Although this apple is not considered an heirloom variety, it is quite a popular apple in western North Carolina. Discovered as a seedling in 1935 in Hendersonville, NC, it was introduced by the Will Dalton Nursery. The skin is greenish-yellow covered with deep red and …

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  • King David

    King David

    In 1893, a single tree was found growing along a fence row on the farm of Ben Frost in Durham, Arkansas. Thought to be a cross of Jonathan x Winesap or Jonathan x Arkansas Black, it was bought and trademarked by Stark Bro’s Nursery in …

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  • Kidd's Orange Red

    Kidd’s Orange Red

    Although not considered an “heirloom” variety, Kidd’s Orange is an fine dessert apple which deserves its place in the home orchard. It originated in 1924 in New Zealand as a cross of Delicious and Cox’s Orange Pippin. The vigorous and precocious tree produces fruit which …

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