Baking Apples

  • Northern Spy

    Also known as: Northern Spice, Spy, Northern Pie Apple, Red Spy, Red Northern Spy A superb apple of Northern heritage which attains its greatest potential as a mountain grown apple. When grown in warmer areas it lacks the crispness and flavor of fruit grown in …

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  • Notley P. No. 1

    Notley P. No. 1

    Also known as: Knotty Pea, Notly Pippin No. 1, Knotley Pea, Notnepee(?) A very large fall apple supposedly originating in North Carolina according to an 1863 nursery catalog from Pennsylvania. It was described in an 1855 North Carolina catalog as, “one of the best large …

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  • Old Fashioned Limbertwig

    Old Fashioned Limbertwig

    One of the oldest Limbertwig varieties dating to the early 1800′s, originating in north Georgia. Medium large fruit with greenish-yellow skin washed with red. Skin is somewhat rough in texture. Weeping growth type. Great for pies, jelly and cider. An excellent keeper ripening in late …

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  • Oliver


    Also known as: Senator, Oliver’s Red, All-over Red In the early 1800′s, John Oliver of Washington County, Arkansas raised an apple tree on his farm that produced a striking red apple with large, distinctive dots, or lenticels, over the skin’s surface. It became a very …

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  • Ooten

    A colossal apple from Logan County, West Virginia. As described by James R. “Sammy” Hall of Logan, Ooten has been raised in the Trace Creek and Mingo Creek areas of Mingo County since prior to 1895 when Mingo was part of Logan County. The name …

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  • Ophir


    This fine old North Carolina apple originated in the Ophir (pronounced OH-fur) community near the Uwharrie Mountains in the north-central Piedmont region of the state. According to Calhoun (2011), this information was provided to him in 1987 by Mrs. Nellie Williams of Kittrell, NC, whose …

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  • Ortley

    Also known as: Ortley Pippin, White Bellflower, Woolman’s Long Pippin, Detroit, Greasy Pippin, Hollow Core Pippin, Ohio Favorite, Yellow Pippin, Crane’s Pippin, White Detroit, Willow Leaf Pippin, Woodward’s Pippin, Green Bellflower, Marrow Pippin, White Pippin, Melting Pippin, Inman, Spice Pippin, Cleopatra, Tom Woodward Pippin, Davis, …

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  • Parks' Pippin

    Parks’ Pippin

    Also known as: Gilmer Pippin This apple originated about 1850 on the farm of Monroe Parks of North Georgia and has been a very popular variety in that state for years. It is most valued for its cooking qualities, being too tart for fresh eating …

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  • Parmer


    Also known as: Parmar, Yellow Flat An apple of Virginia origin arising sometime in the 18th century, but never very well known or widely distributed. It is quite an attractive yellow apple popular for making a thick, dark yellow applesauce. It was also very popular …

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  • Peck’s Pleasant

    Also known as: Peck, Dutch Greening, Watts Apple, Waltz Apple This is a very fine dessert apple originating in Rhode Island in the early 1800′s. Fruit is medium to large with a variable shape, often with a distinctive furrow on one side. Skin is mostly …

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