Late Season Apples

  • Red Royal Limbertwig

    Red Royal Limbertwig

    This is perhaps one of the better-flavored Limbertwig varieties with a ideal balance of acids and sugars. Red Royal Limbertwig is one of the many Limbertwig apples recovered and restored to the public domain by the late, great Henry Morton of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Apple collectors …

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  • Red Limbertwig

    Red Limbertwig

    Also known as: Limbertwig, Mountain Limbertwig, Common Limbertwig, James River, Green Limbertwig, American Limbertwig, Red Jewel, Virginia Limbertwig (?) This is certainly one of the oldest and best known of the many Limbertwigs and probably the best keeper of the group. The flavor improves greatly …

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  • Ramsey Limbertwig

    Ramsey Limbertwig

    We consider Limbertwigs to be the quintessential apple of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. So many different strains of this wonderful variety have originated in eastern Tennessee, southwest Virginia, southeast¬† Kentucky and northwest North Carolina. Ramsey Limbertwig is one of the many outstanding Limbertwig apple varieties …

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  • Old Fashioned Limbertwig

    Old Fashioned Limbertwig

    One of the oldest Limbertwig varieties dating to the early 1800’s, originating in north Georgia. Medium large fruit with greenish-yellow skin washed with red. Skin is somewhat rough in texture. Weeping growth type. Great for pies, jelly and cider. An excellent keeper ripening in late …

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  • Myers' Royal Limbertwig

    Myers’ Royal Limbertwig

    Originated in the Cades Cove area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. Named for Herbert Myers who says it makes the best cider he ever tasted. Large, deep red and yellow apple with a distinctive flavor. A juicy, firm, aromatic apple which …

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  • Levering Limbertwig

    Levering Limbertwig

    One of the best of the Limbertwig strains, with the true “weeping” Limbertwig growth habit and that wonderful, smoky, distinctive Limbertwig flavor. Originated with the Levering family of southwest Virginia, home of Levering Orchard, Virginia’s largest cherry orchard. Fruit is large, somewhat blocky in shape …

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  • Kentucky Limbertwig

    Kentucky Limbertwig

    Another great old Limbertwig variety from the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky. True Limbertwig flavor and good for cooking and fresh eating. Fruit is below large, somewhat elongated to slightly tapered with greenish-yellow skin, partially overlaid with light reddish-orange skin. Wonderful fresh eating apple with a …

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  • Fall Limbertwig

    Fall Limbertwig

    A large, reddish-orange fall apple discovered in Burke County, North Carolina, by renowned apple hunter, Tom Brown, of Clemmons, NC. Fruit is highly flavorful, very crisp, juicy, almost sweet. Above medium to large in size, symmetrical, slightly oblate. Skin thick, dark reddish-orange overlaid with darker …

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  • Caney Fork Limbertwig

    Caney Fork Limbertwig

    Originated in the Caney Fork area of the Cumberland Mountains in Kentucky. Great cooking apple and an outstanding fresh-eating apple. Fruit is medium to large in size, round, symmetrical with dull yellow skin, mostly covered with a bright red flush and distinctive white dots on …

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  • Brushy Mountain Limbertwig

    Brushy Mountain Limbertwig

    One of many fine old apples to have in originated in the Brushy Mt. Region of northwest North Carolina. A fine eating apple with bright yellow skin with a dull red wash and some russet on the skin. Crisp, juicy flesh and highly aromatic. Good …

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