Late Season Apples

  • Arkansas Sweet

    Arkansas Sweet

    In 1905, Henry Grabin of Scott County, Arkansas sent the first samples of Arkansas Sweet to the USDA, thus bringing this fine apple to the public’s attention. It was believed to be a lost variety until 1993 when we discovered it still being grown by …

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  • American Beauty Fruit

    American Beauty

    Also known as: Beauty of America, Sterling Beauty, Sterling Arose in Sterling, Massachusetts around the 1850’s, but the exact date of origin is unknown. It is a large, dark-red apple, sweet and aromatic with slightly chewy flesh. The flavor has often been described as vinous. …

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  • Allum


    Also known as: Alum, Hallum, Rockingham Red Allum is thought to have originated in Rockingham County, North Carolina in the 1840’s. Favored for its fine storage qualities. Fruit is medium sized with deep red skin and tender, crisp and juicy white flesh. Flavor is rather …

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  • Adam’s Pearmain

    Also known as: Norfolk Pippin, Hanging Pearmain In 1826, Robert Adams introduced this fine English dessert apple as Norfolk Pippin. Other sources indicate this apple originated in the county of Herefordshire, England and was locally known as Hanging Pearmain. The apple known as Adams Pearmain …

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  • Abram


    Also known as: Abraham, Father Abram, Father Abraham, Red Abram, Abram’s Pippin, Florentiner Although listed in 1755 in a Virginia newspaper, the true origin of Abram is unclear. It is a very fine keeper and was once widely grown in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia. …

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  • Spigold Fruit


    A true connoisseur variety, Spigold is an apple of the highest quality and flavor. It is not a true heirloom apple, being released by the New York Agricultural Experiment Station in 1962, but is an apple that should be included in all home orchards. A …

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  • Arkansas Black Fruit

    Arkansas Black

    Originated from a Winesap seedling in an orchard in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1870. Arkansas Black is a beautiful dark red to almost black apple and considered to be one of the best storage apples. The fruit ripens late November and is rock-hard when harvested, but …

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