Late Season Apples

  • Chandler


    Also known as: Winter Chandler, Chandler’s Red An apple which originated in Chelmsford, Massachusetts in the early 1800’s. Fruit is medium to large, roundish to slightly flattened, with pale yellow skin colorfully splashed and striped with dull red. Flesh is greenish-white to yellow, firm, crisp …

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  • Catawba


    Another of the many wonderful heritage apples rediscovered by devoted apple hunter, Tom Brown. Although the date and area of origin is unknown, it probably arose in North Carolina in the mid-1800’s. The apple was described in an 1861 catalog from the Fruitland Nursery of …

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  • Carolina Pippin

    Carolina Pippin

    This apple is believed to be an old North Carolina variety but its origin is unclear. In 1995, a very old tree thought to be well over one hundred years old was discovered by our good friend and fellow apple collector, Maurice Marshall of Pinnacle, …

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  • Cannon Pearmain

    Cannon Pearmain

    Also known as: Alpian, Red Cannon, Green Cannon, Anderson, Cannon First mentioned in literature in 1804, Cannon Pearmain is a fine all-purpose apple suitable for fresh eating, drying, cooking, and cider making. Like many long-keeping varieties, it improves greatly after several weeks in storage. It …

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  • Canada Red

    Also known as: Bristol, Canada Redstreak, Nonesuch, Nonsuch, Old Nonsuch, Red Canada, Red Winter, Richfield Nonsuch, Steele’s Red Winter, Steel’s Red, Winter Nonsuch We are uncertain about the origin of Canada Red but it probably arose in New England in the early 1800’s. It is …

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  • Calville Blanc

    Calville Blanc

    Also known as: Calville Blanc d’Hiver, White Winter Calville A high quality classic French dessert apple dating to the 16th century. Its origin is unclear but is possibly of either French or German descent. It is a variety often seen in classic paintings of the …

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  • Bryson's Seedling

    Bryson’s Seedling

    Once believed to be extinct, this unique North Carolina apple was rediscovered several years ago by that dedicated apple hunter, Tom Brown, of Clemmons, NC. Bryson’s Seedling originated in Jackson County, NC, and was first described in a 1904 catalog from the Maryland Nursery Company …

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  • Brown's Apple

    Brown’s Apple

    A vintage English cider apple which arose in south Devon in the early 1900’s. It is a very widely planted variety in Europe and is esteemed for its tangy, scented, fruity cider. The medium, dark red fruit has a crisp, clean flavor. The flesh is …

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  • Bramley's Seedling

    Bramley’s Seedling

    An old English variety dating to the 1700’s from Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Today in Southwell there is a public house known as “The Bramley Apple.” Long considered by many apple enthusiasts as the “worlds best cooking apple”, Bramley’s Seedling quickly gained favor in this country for …

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  • Blue Pearmain

    Blue Pearmain

    An old apple of uncertain origin, but probably American. It was noted by the Royal Horticultural Society of London in 1893 and widely grown in New York and New England in the 19th century. A large, slightly conical fruit with red and purplish-red striping and …

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