Late Season Apples

  • Golden Reinette

    Golden Reinette

    Also known as: Golden Rennet, English Pippin, English Golden Reinette, Kirke’s Golden Reinette, Reinette Golden, Yellow German Reinette There is a lot of confusion about Golden Reinette as there are several old European apples with this name or synonyms derived from the name. Regardless, we …

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  • Golden Pearmain

    Golden Pearmain

    Also known as: Clarke’s Pearmain, Yellow Pearmain A beautiful apple of obscure origin. Golden Pearmain is believed to be one of the original apples grown in Thomas Jefferson’s orchards in Monticello. The medium-sized, somewhat conical fruit has an attractive golden-orange skin, marbled and striped with …

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  • Golden Delicious

    Golden Delicious

    Also known as: Yellow Delicious A truly wonderful apple when well-grown, Golden Delicious arose as a seedling on the farm of Anderson Mullins of Clay Co., West Virginia, in 1912. It is believed to be a cross of Grimes Golden, another fine old West Virginia …

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  • Gloria Mundi

    Gloria Mundi

    Also known as: Monstrous Pippin, American Mammoth, Ox Apple, Notley Pea(?) A huge apple, probably the largest apple ever grown in the United States, according to Calhoun (1995). Some apples commonly reach a pound or a pound-and-a-half. The origin of this variety is somewhat unclear. …

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  • Gilpin


    Also known as: Carthouse, Small Romanite, Little Red Romanite, Gray Romanite, Roman Knight, Romanite of the West, Dollars and Cents, Red Romanite, Romanite, Small Red Long Keeper This popular cider and cooking apple probably originated in Virginia but this fact remains unclear. One of the …

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  • Fallawater


    Also known as: Mountain Pippin, Green Mountain Pippin, Molly Whopper, Kelly, Fornwalder, Tulpehocken, Falder, Pound, Pim’s Beauty of the West, Walldower, Waldour, Pharawalder, Fallenwalder, Brubacker, Brubaker, Winter Blush, Benjamite, Baltimore, Pfarver, Mountain Green An old apple originating in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania before 1842 which became …

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  • Edwards’ Winter

    This North Carolina apple originated in Chatham County before 1869 in the orchard of Sampson Edwards as a seedling cross of Hall x Ralls Janet. In 1992 Lee Calhoun (1995) was taken to visit two ancient old trees planted about 1916 near Crutchfield Crossroads in …

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  • Dunkerton Late Sweet

    Dunkerton Late Sweet

    A sweet English cider apple discovered in the 1940’s in the orchard of a Mr. Dunkerton of Baltonsborough, Somerset. It produces a juice that is sweet and low in tannin. Makes a cider which is light and fruity. A late season apple ripening October-November.   …

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  • Dula Beauty

    Dula Beauty

    Also known as: Dula, Coffey Seedling Dula Beauty originated from seeds of a Limbertwig planted by J. A. Dula of Lenoir, North Carolina. Another apple, Coffey Seedling, was once thought to be a distinctly different variety but is, in fact, identical to Dula Beauty. It …

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  • Domine


    Also known as: American Nonpareil, English Rambo, English Beauty,  Cling Tight, Cheat, English Rambo, English Winter Red Streak, Hogan, Well Apple, Wells, Williamson Originated in Maryland in the 1830’s. The apple resembles Summer Rambo but is more colorful and is a long keeping winter variety. …

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