Late Season Apples

  • Blenheim Orange

    Blenheim Orange

    Also known as: Blenheim, Blenheimsrenett, Blooming Orange, Blenheim Pippin, Gloucester Pippin, Orange Pippin, Prince of Wales, Ward’s Pippin, Woodstock, Woodstock Pippin A very lovely apple which originated in 1740 at Woodstock near Blenheim in Oxfordshire, England. It first began to receive recognition in 1818 and …

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  • Blacktwig


    Also known as: Mammoth Blacktwig, Paragon, Twitty’s Paragon, Arkansas, Big Blacktwig, Thorpe’s Blacktwig, Pamplin’s Eclipse There is much controversy concerning the origin and true name of Blacktwig. Once thought to be a synonym of Winesap, over the years confusion has reigned regarding its relationship to …

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  • Black Gilliflower

    Black Gilliflower

    Also known as: Black Spitz, Crow’s Egg, Gilliflower, Sheepnose, Red Gilliflower, Black Spitzenburg, Black Gilliflower A very old variety dating to the 1700’s and originating in the Northeast, probably Connecticut. Listed in southern catalogs as Black Gilliflower or Red Gilliflower, many apple growers believe this …

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  • Bentley's Sweet

    Bentley’s Sweet

    Also known as: Bentley, Bentley Sweet Although mentioned in nursery catalogs in 1845, the exact origin of Bentley’s Sweet is unknown, but probably arose in Virginia in the early part of the 19th century. It is known as an intensely sweet apple with extremely long-keeping …

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  • BlackAmishFruit

    Black Amish

    A wonderful apple and quite stunning in appearance. Although not mentioned in any old catalogs or other apple literature, it is believed to have originated in Pennsylvania. A very dependable annual bearer of dark red apples which hang well on the tree. Fruit is large …

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  • Betsy Deaton Apple

    Betsy Deaton

    An extremely attractive local apple originating in Yancey County, NC, and previously considered extinct until a tree was discovered in Ashe County in 1996 by our good friend and fellow apple collector, Danny Harvey of Lansing. We were able to add this wonderful apple to …

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  • Ben Davis

    Ben Davis

    Also known as: Baltimore Pippin, Baltimore Red, Baltimore Red Streak, Black Ben Davis, Funkhouser, Kentucky Red Streak, New York Pippin, Kentucky Pippin, Carolina Red Streak, Victoria Red, Victoria Pippin, Virginia Pippin, Hutchinson Pippin, Joe Allen, Red Pippin, Illinois Red, Thornton (of southern Alabama), Robinson’s Streak, …

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  • Belmont


    Also known as: Belmont Late, Gate, Gait, Kelley White, Mamma Beam, Mamma Bean, Waxen Apple, White Belmont is an outstanding apple which might remind you of Cox’s Orange Pippin with its high quality flavor. This attractive apple originated in the garden of a Mrs. Beam …

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  • Baldwin

    Also known as: Baldwin Rosenapfel, Baldwin’s Rother Pippin, Red Baldwin Pippin, Woodpecker, Butters, Steele’s Red Winter, Flech Once one of the largest selling commercial varieties in the northeast, Baldwin was replaced by McIntosh and other varieties when several million Baldwin trees were killed by a …

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  • Bald Mountain

    Bald Mountain

    In Lee Calhoun’s wonderful book, Old Southern Apples, he recalls the day in March 1989, when he received a letter from Mr. Charles W. Nolen of Franklin, North Carolina, telling him about the old Bald Mountain trees in his orchard. This was very surprising to …

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