Late Season Apples

  • Tolman Sweet

    Tolman Sweet

    Also known as: Brown’s Golden Sweet, Tallman Sweeting, Tolman’s Sweeting, Tolman A very old American apple thought to have originated in Dorchester, Massachusetts, but the true date of origin is unknown. The tree grows well, is very hardy, long-lived and once very popular in home …

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  • Terry Winter

    Terry Winter

    Also known as: Terry, Winter Terry, Terry Winter Pippin, Hustler An excellent old southern apple noted for its long-keeping abilities. It originated before the Civil War with a Mr. Terry of Fulton County, Georgia, and was soon widely sold throughout Georgia and neighboring states. Medium-sized …

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  • Tanyard Seedling

    Tanyard Seedling

    This is an old, local heirloom originating in the mountains of north Georgia and still sold by Lawson’s Nursery of Ball Ground, Georgia. It is most noted for its late bloom, offering protection from late spring frosts. Fruit is medium with clear yellow skin. Ripens …

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  • Sparger

    Also known as: Sparger Smokehouse This is an excellent keeping apple of North Carolina origin. It sprouted from seeds of a Limbertwig near the smokehouse on the farm of Merlin Sparger of Mt. Airy, North Carolina at the end of the 19th century. Fruit is …

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  • Sweet Winesap

    Also known as: Henry Sweet, Ladies Sweet, Rose Sweet, Henrick Sweet, Red Sweet Winesap, Sweet Pearmain, Hendrick Sweet Winesap originated in Pennsylvania in the late 1890’s and was grown extensively in New York.The apple was not widely grown in the South and was listed by …

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  • Sweet Coppin

    Sweet Coppin

    A pure sweet European cider apple which arose in Devon, England in the early 18th century. A pale yellow apple with soft, sweet flesh with low tannin and low acid. Produces a good quality juice with no astringency, making a sweet to very mildly bittersweet …

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  • Swaar

    Also known as: Hardwick The name means “heavy” in Dutch and was first raised by Dutch settlers in the Hudson Valley in the 1700’s. A fine dessert apple which softens and improves in flavor dramatically after being in storage. Requires a very fertile soil to …

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  • Stump


    According to Calhoun (1995), there are three described varieties of Stump, leading to some confusion over the identification of this apple. One Stump apple was sold in the late 1800’s in Kentucky as a seedling of Newtown Pippin. This variety is extinct. Another Stump is …

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  • Stayman


    Also known as: Stayman Winesap Stayman is a progeny of Winesap and like its well known and historic parent, is an apple of the highest quality. The apple arose in 1866 when Dr. J. Stayman planted seeds of Winesap on his farm in Leavenworth, Kansas. …

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  • Stark


    Also known as: Starke, Robinson, Winter King, Yeats Stark is an apple that originated in Ohio around 1869 and was widely grown there for years. It is a fine, late-keeping apple well suited for commercial markets. The tree is vigorous and highly productive, but susceptible …

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