Long Keeping (Storage) Apples

  • Swaar

    Also known as: Hardwick The name means “heavy” in Dutch and was first raised by Dutch settlers in the Hudson Valley in the 1700’s. A fine dessert apple which softens and improves in flavor dramatically after being in storage. Requires a very fertile soil to …

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  • Strawberry Pippin

    Strawberry Pippin

    Strawberry Pippin is a lovely red-striped apple with a pleasant crunch and a very pleasing sweet-tart flavor. The origin of this attractive apple is uncertain but is thought to have come from England at an unknown date. The medium-sized apple is striped with light and …

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  • Stayman


    Also known as: Stayman Winesap Stayman is a progeny of Winesap and like its well known and historic parent, is an apple of the highest quality. The apple arose in 1866 when Dr. J. Stayman planted seeds of Winesap on his farm in Leavenworth, Kansas. …

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  • Stark


    Also known as: Starke, Robinson, Winter King, Yeats Stark is an apple that originated in Ohio around 1869 and was widely grown there for years. It is a fine, late-keeping apple well suited for commercial markets. The tree is vigorous and highly productive, but susceptible …

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  • Spice of Old Virginia

    Spice of Old Virginia

    There is some confusion as to the identity of this apple. In 1859 Hopewell Nurseries of Fredericksburg, Virginia sold an apple known as Virginia Spice. This apple is described as being medium in size with whitish skin covered with a few brown dots. Spice of …

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  • Snow


    Also known as: Fameuse, Red American, Royal Snow, Snow Chimney, Chimney Apple, Pomme de Neige, Chimney Point A very old and very attractive dark red apple brought to America in the 1700’s by early French settlers, probably as seedlings from Canada. The apple was noted …

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  • Smith Seedling

    Smith Seedling

    This apple arose with the Smith family of Francisco in Stokes County, North Carolina before the start of the Civil War. It was grown commercially by Garland Smith around 1900 in a large orchard containing over 2000 trees. The apples were sold by Mr. Smith …

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  • Shockley


    Also known as: Waddell Hall, Waddel Hall, Horse Bud, Dixie Shockley is one of the all-time Southern favorites once grown from Virginia to Georgia. It originated with Mr. Shockley of Jackson County, Georgia in 1852 and was first exhibited at the Georgia State Fair that …

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  • Shenandoah


    This is a very fine, but little known apple of recent origin, developed in 1942. Created by George D. Oberle, noted apple breeder in the 1940’s and 50’s at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia. Dr. Oberle was also involved in the development and release …

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  • Scott’s Winter

    Also known as: Scott’s Red Winter, Wilcox’s Winter Scott’s Winter originated in 1864 on the Scott farm of Newport, Vermont. It is an attractive red apple well-suited for cooking when under-ripe due to its high acid content. When fully ripe, it is a very fine …

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