Long Keeping (Storage) Apples

  • Pewaukee

    In the mid-1800’s, George P. Peffer of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, crossed Duchess of Oldenburg with Northern Spy to produce Pewaukee. It is a good dessert and cooking apple and is most noted for its winter hardiness, a trait inherited from its parent, Duchess of Oldenburg. Though …

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  • Parks' Pippin

    Parks’ Pippin

    Also known as: Gilmer Pippin This apple originated about 1850 on the farm of Monroe Parks of North Georgia and has been a very popular variety in that state for years. It is most valued for its cooking qualities, being too tart for fresh eating …

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  • Ortley

    Also known as: Ortley Pippin, White Bellflower, Woolman’s Long Pippin, Detroit, Greasy Pippin, Hollow Core Pippin, Ohio Favorite, Yellow Pippin, Crane’s Pippin, White Detroit, Willow Leaf Pippin, Woodward’s Pippin, Green Bellflower, Marrow Pippin, White Pippin, Melting Pippin, Inman, Spice Pippin, Cleopatra, Tom Woodward Pippin, Davis, …

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  • Oliver


    Also known as: Senator, Oliver’s Red, All-over Red In the early 1800’s, John Oliver of Washington County, Arkansas raised an apple tree on his farm that produced a striking red apple with large, distinctive dots, or lenticels, over the skin’s surface. It became a very …

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  • Northern Spy

    Also known as: Northern Spice, Spy, Northern Pie Apple, Red Spy, Red Northern Spy A superb apple of Northern heritage which attains its greatest potential as a mountain grown apple. When grown in warmer areas it lacks the crispness and flavor of fruit grown in …

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  • North Carolina Keeper

    Also known as: Carolina Keeper North Carolina Keeper is believed to come out of Davidson County, North Carolina, in the late 1800’s. There is some confusion as to its heritage with some early sources saying it is a seedling of Gilpin, a very similar variety. …

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  • Norfolk Beefing

    Also known as: Norfolk Beaufin, Catshead Beaufin, Norfolk Bearer, Ramsden, Read’s Baker, Red Beefing, Taliesman, Winter Beefing Norfolk Beefing is an old English apple variety used primarily for cooking and drying. It was first described in this country in the 1840’s but was not listed …

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  • Newtown Pippin

    Newtown Pippin

    Also known as: Albemarle Pippin, Green Winter Pippin, New York Pippin, Virginia Pippin A venerable old variety originating in New York in the early 1700’s. It is generally believed the apple arose on the estate of Gershom Moore in what is now known as the …

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  • Missouri Pippin

    Missouri Pippin

    Also known as: Missouri Keeper, Missouri Orange, Stone’s Eureka In 1839, Brinkley Hornsby first settled in Johnson County, Missouri, bringing with him apple seeds which he planted immediately on his new homestead. One of these seeds produced a seedling tree which first fruited in 1854. …

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  • Minkler


    Also known as: Brandywine, Logan’s Northern Pippin, Mumper Vandevere As described in Beach’s Apples of New York (1905), Minkler was recognized as a popular apple in Illinois around 1865 where its cultivation was confined to this region and adjoining states. The history of the apple …

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