Long Keeping (Storage) Apples

  • Milam

    Also known as: Blair, Harrigan, Thomas, Milum, Red Winter Pearmain, Haragan Milam was first introduced into Illinois in 1902 as Red Winter Pearmain, but is thought to have originally come from Virginia or Kentucky. It is small to medium with smooth, greenish-yellow skin overlaid with …

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  • Michelin


    This is an old and long popular English cider apple which originated with M. Legrand of Yvetot, Normandy around 1872. It was named after M.. Michelin, a well-known aficionado of cider apples. The apple was introduced into England in 1884 by the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field …

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  • Medaille d'Or

    Medaille d’Or

    A classic English cider apple which actually originated in Boisguillaume, France in the 1800’s. It was introduced into England in 1884 by the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club where it was embraced for its outstanding cider qualities. It is a bittersweet fruit which produces a sweet, …

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  • McIntosh


    Also known as: McIntosh Red, Mac The most important commercial variety grown in the north for years, McIntosh is also a fine apple long grown and admired in many regions of the south. It was discovered in 1811 as a young seedling tree in Dundas …

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  • Mattamuskeet


    Mattamuskeet probably originated near Lake Mattamuskeet in Hyde County, North Carolina. Legend has it that the seed was taken from the gizzard of a wild goose by the Mattamuskeet Indians. The fruit hangs well on the tree and ripens in November. A low-chill apple that …

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  • Mann

    Also known as: Diltz, Deiltz Originated as a chance seedling in 1850 in the orchard of Judge Mooney of Oswego County, New York. It was introduced into Niagara County, New York by a Dr. Mann and later named for him by the Western New York …

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  • Magnum Bonum

    Magnum Bonum

    Also known as: Bonum, Maggie Bonum, Maggie Bowman, Red Bonum, Magna Bonum, Bona A long-time Southern favorite and one of the finest early fall apples available. It originated in 1828 in Davidson County, North Carolina when John Kinny planted seeds of the Hall apple, another …

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  • Victoria Limbertwig

    Also known as: Sweet Limbertwig Victoria Limbertwig is one of the more flavorful of the many Limbertwig varieties and one of the most beautiful. It is a very high quality dessert apple with a rich, smooth flavor. The tree is quite lovely with a true …

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  • Swiss Limbertwig

    Swiss Limbertwig

    A very beautiful apple with an appealing maroon color. Originated with early Swiss settlers in the Cumberland Mountains. Ripens in October and is a good keeper. Print

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  • Smoky Mountain Limbertwig

    Smoky Mountain Limbertwig

    We obtained this Limbertwig in the mid-1980’s from the late Henry Morton of Gatlinburg, Tennessee who was responsible for finding so many wonderful Limbertwig varieties. The tree is a true weeping type. Fruit size medium to large with yellow skin overlaid with dark and light …

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