Long Keeping (Storage) Apples

  • Caney Fork Limbertwig

    Caney Fork Limbertwig

    Originated in the Caney Fork area of the Cumberland Mountains in Kentucky. Great cooking apple and an outstanding fresh-eating apple. Fruit is medium to large in size, round, symmetrical with dull yellow skin, mostly covered with a bright red flush and distinctive white dots on …

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  • Brushy Mountain Limbertwig

    Brushy Mountain Limbertwig

    One of many fine old apples to have in originated in the Brushy Mt. Region of northwest North Carolina. A fine eating apple with bright yellow skin with a dull red wash and some russet on the skin. Crisp, juicy flesh and highly aromatic. Good …

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  • Black Limbertwig

    Black Limbertwig

    A medium to large apple, deep dark red in color. First exhibited at the 1914 meeting of the Georgia Horticultural Society where it was described as being very resistant to fungal diseases. Spicy and aromatic with rich, juicy, yellow flesh. Makes excellent cider and apple …

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  • Liberty


    Described as the most trouble-free of all apples, Liberty is the result of years of work by fruit breeders to develop an apple that would free growers from the endless rounds of repetitive spraying. Released in 1978 by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, …

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  • Lawver

    Also known as: Lawyer, Delaware Winter, Black Spy, Delaware Red Winter, Louver This apple was named for the noted Illinois pomologist, A.M. Lawver, but other details of its history are confusing. One source attributes its origin to an old Indian orchard in Kansas. Another source …

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  • Lady


    Also known as: Lady Apple, Pomme d’Api, Christmas Apple, Lady’s Finger, Petit Api, Pomme Rose, Lady Sweet, Wax Apple A famous old apple dating back hundreds of years and one of the first European apples brought to America. Believed to have originated in the Forest …

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  • Knobbed Russet

    Also known as: Knobby Russet, Old Maid’s Winter, Winter Russet, Winter Apple There’s only one way to adequately describe this apple – it’s just plain ugly! Often said to look more like a potato than an apple, Knobbed Russet originated in Sussex, England in 1819. …

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  • Kinnaird's Choice

    Kinnaird’s Choice

    Also known as: Red Winter Cluster, Kennard, Black Winesap, Kinnard A famous old apple well adapted to growing in the South. The apple originated on the farm of Michael Kinnaird of Franklin, Tennessee in 1855 and is believed to be a cross of Limbertwig x …

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  • King David

    King David

    In 1893, a single tree was found growing along a fence row on the farm of Ben Frost in Durham, Arkansas. Thought to be a cross of Jonathan x Winesap or Jonathan x Arkansas Black, it was bought and trademarked by Stark Bro’s Nursery in …

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  • Junaluska


    Also known as: Junaliska, Junaluskee, John Berry Keeper Junaluska is one of those venerable old apples long sought by apple collectors but thought to have been extinct since the 1800’s. In 2001, noted apple hunter Tom Brown of Clemmons, NC, located an apple resembling Junaluska …

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