Long Keeping (Storage) Apples

  • Green Pippin

    Green Pippin

    This apple is said to have originated in Indiana in the 1800’s, but was certainly grown in the southern Appalachians for many years prior to this time. This large, roundish apple has green skin which turns a greenish-yellow when fully ripe. The white aromatic flesh …

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  • Bullet

    Green Cheese

    Also known as: Carolina Greening, Crank, Green, Green Crank, Greening, Southern Golden Pippin, Southern Greening, Southern Pippin, Turner’s Cheese, Winter Greening, Winter Cheese, Yellow Crank A very old classic southern apple dating to the 1700’s. It is thought to have originated in North Carolina or …

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  • Granny Smith

    Granny Smith

    Granny Smith is a fine commercial apple originating in Australia in 1868. It is one of the few all-green apples that have gained popularity in the American market. It is a good keeper and considered by many to be one of the best cooking apples, …

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  • Gragg


    Also known as: Red Gragg, Winter Queen Originated about 1860 on the farm of James Gragg in Caldwell County, North Carolina. It was valued by North Carolina growers for its fine cooking qualities and long storage ability. The conical shaped fruit is medium sized with …

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  • Golden Russet

    Golden Russet

    Also known as: Bullet Pippin, Fox Apple, Long Tom, “Rusty Coat” The American Golden Russet is a famous, old “Southern” apple which originated in Burlington County, New Jersey in the 1700’s. A widely versatile fruit, Golden Russet is excellent for fresh eating and drying but …

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  • Golden Reinette

    Golden Reinette

    Also known as: Golden Rennet, English Pippin, English Golden Reinette, Kirke’s Golden Reinette, Reinette Golden, Yellow German Reinette There is a lot of confusion about Golden Reinette as there are several old European apples with this name or synonyms derived from the name. Regardless, we …

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  • Golden Pearmain

    Golden Pearmain

    Also known as: Clarke’s Pearmain, Yellow Pearmain A beautiful apple of obscure origin. Golden Pearmain is believed to be one of the original apples grown in Thomas Jefferson’s orchards in Monticello. The medium-sized, somewhat conical fruit has an attractive golden-orange skin, marbled and striped with …

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  • Golden Delicious

    Golden Delicious

    Also known as: Yellow Delicious A truly wonderful apple when well-grown, Golden Delicious arose as a seedling on the farm of Anderson Mullins of Clay Co., West Virginia, in 1912. It is believed to be a cross of Grimes Golden, another fine old West Virginia …

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  • Gilpin


    Also known as: Carthouse, Small Romanite, Little Red Romanite, Gray Romanite, Roman Knight, Romanite of the West, Dollars and Cents, Red Romanite, Romanite, Small Red Long Keeper This popular cider and cooking apple probably originated in Virginia but this fact remains unclear. One of the …

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  • Gano


    Also known as: Black Ben Davis, Mesa Red, Jacks Red, Ozark, Payton, Reagan, Red Ben Davis, Chesney(?) A very old apple with a very confusing history. Considered by many to be the same apple as Black Ben Davis, Gano was a very popular apple in …

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