Long Keeping (Storage) Apples

  • Fall Orange

    Also known as: Holden, Hogpen, Orange, Speckled, Red Cheek The original tree was discovered before 1770 near the hog pen of Deacon Allen of Holden, Massachusetts. In 1825 it was taken to western New York where it became known as Fall Orange. Medium to large, …

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  • Fallawater


    Also known as: Mountain Pippin, Green Mountain Pippin, Molly Whopper, Kelly, Fornwalder, Tulpehocken, Falder, Pound, Pim’s Beauty of the West, Walldower, Waldour, Pharawalder, Fallenwalder, Brubacker, Brubaker, Winter Blush, Benjamite, Baltimore, Pfarver, Mountain Green An old apple originating in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania before 1842 which became …

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  • Dula Beauty

    Dula Beauty

    Also known as: Dula, Coffey Seedling Dula Beauty originated from seeds of a Limbertwig planted by J. A. Dula of Lenoir, North Carolina. Another apple, Coffey Seedling, was once thought to be a distinctly different variety but is, in fact, identical to Dula Beauty. It …

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  • Domine


    Also known as: American Nonpareil, English Rambo, English Beauty,  Cling Tight, Cheat, English Rambo, English Winter Red Streak, Hogan, Well Apple, Wells, Williamson Originated in Maryland in the 1830’s. The apple resembles Summer Rambo but is more colorful and is a long keeping winter variety. …

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  • Deaderick


    Also known as: Ozark Pippin, Ben Ford More commonly known as Ozark Pippin, Deaderick originated in 1850 on the farm of Benjamin Ford of Washington County, Tennessee. In 1896, it was first described under the name Deaderick to avoid confusion with an apple already named …

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  • Criterion


    Discovered as a chance seedling in the late 60’s near Parker, Washington, Criterion is a wonderful all-purpose apple whose parentage includes Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, and Winter Banana. It is a large, blocky fruit having a mild, sweet taste with just a touch of tartness. …

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  • Crimson King

    Crimson King

    Also known as: John Toucher’s, Bewley Down Pippin Crimson King is a fine English cider apple which also serves as an excellent culinary variety. It originated with John Toucher of Bewley Down, Somerset, England, who first propagated the variety in the late 19th century. It …

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  • Cox’s Orange Pippin

    One of the truly great fresh eating dessert apples. It originated in 1825 in England from seeds of Ribston Pippin. Superlatives abound when describing the flavor – spicy, honeyed, nutty, pear-like. A rich, full flavored apple with a pleasing aroma. Fruit is medium sized with …

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  • Cannon Pearmain

    Cannon Pearmain

    Also known as: Alpian, Red Cannon, Green Cannon, Anderson, Cannon First mentioned in literature in 1804, Cannon Pearmain is a fine all-purpose apple suitable for fresh eating, drying, cooking, and cider making. Like many long-keeping varieties, it improves greatly after several weeks in storage. It …

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  • Bryson's Seedling

    Bryson’s Seedling

    Once believed to be extinct, this unique North Carolina apple was rediscovered several years ago by that dedicated apple hunter, Tom Brown, of Clemmons, NC. Bryson’s Seedling originated in Jackson County, NC, and was first described in a 1904 catalog from the Maryland Nursery Company …

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